To create Co-living eco system of vibrant communities which will be known for comprehensive and professional services driven by technology and best practices.

ROOMEE is a curated Marketplace for PGs, Longstays & Co-living spaces. Customer can discover and book accommodations of their choice very conveniently thro’ Mobile Apps and other digital channels. Being a brokerage free platform ROOMEE hosts thoroughly reviewed and handpicked properties and thus providing dependable co-living options which are safe & secure. Consistent review process makes properties trust worthy and dependable.

Given the unorganized nature of the PG Industry in India this sector clearly lacks a standard in terms of both Infrastructure and services. Roomee’s endeavor is to set a standard and make it easy for bachelor professionals and students to find safe & comfortable accommodations at affordable cost.

Being a bachelor in the city finding a good accommodation with all necessary facilities and yet within budget is always a challenge. You may have to spend days together and physically run around the city to choose one. Most probably you may settle with PG whatever you come across or find a house, pay high brokerages and live with the hassle of managing day to day chores. If you find a PG with suitable amenities, you may not be sure it enables you with like minded community. It is a frustrating experience indeed and hence we would like to bring refreshing change!

Beyond co-living discovery and booking, Roomee is trying to create complete Eco-system for Millennials which will enhance quality of life and also provide safer environment. It is a key step towards creating Vibrant Urban spaces & connected communities.

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